1. Together in EXPO 2015: MIUR


    Although EXPO is by definition a global event, its message might fail to reach everyone with the same strength. Alongside MIUR – Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, the objective is to plant, in schools as well, the seed of the message “Feeding the planet, energy for life.”


    To unite, educate, and inform, while having fun: Together in Expo interprets the issues of nutrition and of responsibility to the planet, using the tool of gamification to get young people interested and excited.

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    Together in Expo is a project involving schools in a variety of countries at the same time and on the same topic: the youths thus discover, from time to time and in a fun and collaborative fashion, the many ways in which we can take care of our planet.




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    The website

    The international site communicates genuine “missions,” asking schools to organize themselves into teams in order to take part and reach goals together.


    Of all the social channels through which the project’s lifeblood runs, Instagram is the most central and popular.


    An international digital community for schools, with teaching materials, contributions, and storytelling on the thematic paths of EXPO Milano 2015; but also a place to involve the teams in the missions, to guarantee that, through games, quizzes, and inspirations for activities, they will overcome boundaries and differences to design a sustainable food culture together.