1. Timtec: TIM


    Can a brand become a reference point far beyond its supply of products and services, but in rigorous continuity with its promise of innovation and of promoting the possibilities of each and every individual?


    The project exploits TIM’s technological leadership and authoritativeness in order to realize all the potential of e-learning and thus make a significant contribution towards strengthening the country’s social fabric.

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    In Brazil, the first name that comes to mind when speaking about science education is Timtec: an extremely cutting-edge e-learning platform that represents the very peak of TIM’s commitment to technological literacy in Brazil.


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    An articulated digital platform easily accessible by anyone, with a rich array of training courses in videoconferencing format on those science topics truly capable of making a difference in people’s education, and their lives.


    All the content is developed with the aid and collaboration of professionals from the world of work and from ten Brazilian federal universities.