1. Frutta nelle scuole: MIPAAF


    A European tender has selected the best fruit distributors to bring their products to schools. But everyone knows that children and fruit do not always have a good relationship! The right way must be found to get students involved, not just by informing them about the importance of fruit in a healthy diet, but by making them love it a little bit, too.


    Young people, particularly in the cities, have fewer and fewer occasions to be in contact with nature and to learn to love its rhythms and beauty. With the Frutta nelle scuole project, fruit becomes a symbol of a healthier and more genuine life.

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    Who says that the best things in life aren’t healthy? The Frutta nelle Scuole project offers youths an opportunity to take a bite out of a lifestyle that is fun, colourful... and good for you, too!




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    Children involved

    At school

    The project activates thousands of workshops in schools throughout Italy, with the support of entertainers and consultants, to “cultivate” a love for fruit.

    The website

    The website benessereacolori.it provides classes and their teachers with a rich array of materials: multimedia games, publishing content developed with expert consultants, the nutritionist’s space, and much more, to inform and raise involvement while having fun.

    Games online

    A section with interactive games, getting the children involved through a series of play and operative offerings, thanks to which they will be able to experience exploration, knowledge and choice, but above all learn by having fun.


    A complex project involving parents and teachers, even on the social networks. The dedicated Facebook page is managed by a Blogger Mom who, with the consultation of an expert nutritionist, gets the community involved, offering knowledge and precious advice on nutrition for kids.