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    What does the generation between 30 and 40 years of age, highly computer-literate and attentive to smart consumption, look for in a bank? How can ING Bank become the reference point for savings in the eyes of that generation and their children? By bringing ING Bank to top-of-mind awareness for primary school children and their families. This is done by leveraging the bank’s values and its social responsibility activities.


    Saving does not mean giving something up, but planning to reach one’s goals. ING Bank chooses to leverage values with a project that goes beyond the traditional sphere of "corporate social responsibility" activities to usher in a new territory of communication based on the concept of "common shared value."

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    ING Bank is now a synonym for good cheer, respect, positive stories and behaviour, and dreams that can come true. A fun sprite was the "orange thread" accompanying children, teachers, and families through the project’s touchpoints.


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    € donated to UNICEF

    The kit

    A colourful treasure chest full of educational games on commitment to saving, with a guide, materials for families, and a contest participation form.

    The classroom

    Where the children’s involvement was also raised through the recounting of the true stories of a selected group of brand ambassadors: authentic models and a real inspiration!

    At home

    At the end of the project, each child received something to share the creative force of savings (a pouch of pumpkin seeds, an album, some digital games...). An integral part of the project was solidarity, which took concrete shape in a donation of funds to bring education to the impoverished countries of the world, in collaboration with UNICEF.