1. Acteen - Piacersi a pelle: BioNike


    Can a pharmaceutical-oriented company with more than 70 years of history make inroads into the life of the most sceptical, insecure, and hyperconnected targets, teenagers?


    BioNike enters not only secondary schools but also the digital world of young people, between smartphones and social networks. By seeing to issues of creativity, self-esteem, and sharing, BioNike speaks the language of youths, becoming an authoritative reference for learning about and preventing the skin problems common among young people.

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    2014 was the year of the “selfie”... and it looks like 2015 is not to be outdone. With the "Acteen - Piacersi a pelle" project, BioNike allows young people to “contextualize” the issue of a healthy relationship with themselves, their bodies, and their image, without patronizing them.


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    A multidisciplinary tool to speak about health and well-being understood as knowledge, care, and valuing oneself and one’s own person.


    Photographs and filters: a perfect understanding. To complete the young people’s involvement, the official BioNike profile speaks, intelligently and with tongue in cheek, about how art enters everyday life.

    "Selfie d'Autore" App

    Teenagers and smartphones make an inseparable pair. A mobile app was thus the ideal solution for integrating the brand and its message into the young people’s life experience. The app asks users to take “selfies” and play with their own images using artistic filters, thereby intuitively revealing the point where the pride and insecurity typical of teenagers meet.