• Our secret? Smart gears

    We call it an ENGINE. Its gears are made of the most precious materials: intelligence, skill, and creativity. These gears are present in all our offices and active in all our projects, from consulting to conception, and from development to management. Their movement extends all over Italy. Are you perhaps thinking that it must therefore be something vague, something that can be neither seen nor measured? Far from it: our ENGINE is quite tangible, and it generates Fab projects, which is to say memorable projects that deliver sure, verifiable results.

  • 250.000 sparks

    The teacher database

    The relationship with teachers is a determining factor in the development and success of an educational engagement project. La Fabbrica manages a database with about 250,000 names, continuously updated with addresses and personal contacts of teachers and headmasters at every level of schooling.

  • Perpetual motion

    Our method

    Consulting and design. Conception and development. Launch and presentation to schools and the local setting. Membership support. Systematic contact management. Monitoring and control. Activities in and out of school. Every project, in all its phases, can count on a team of professional figures uniquely experienced and skilled in innovation in the world of publishing and marketing communication.

  • Widespread energy

    The network in the local setting

    Nothing makes a difference like personalized, human contact. La Fabbrica can activate a support network of more than 200 professionals among managerial and educational figures. They are available to Clients to initiate projects, manage direct contacts with school institutions, gather information, carry out activities in the classroom, and raise local institutions’ awareness of the promoted initiatives.

  • Engaging fuel

    Our partners

    Over the years, La Fabbrica has created a network of contacts capable of handling any project need: from the most reliable content editors to the most brilliant professional consultants, as well as institutional endorsers. Moreover, in all the countries where La Fabbrica is active, our Clients can count on a local scientific contact dedicated to finding the best collaborations.

  • Green Light

    The contact centre

    A service truly unique in the world of communication: teachers and all the professional figures involved in the project can rely on the specialized educational workers at our internal call centre at any time. Their mission? To be available to help clear up doubts, gather opinions, and provide suggestions on how to best support initiatives and contests.